There are many natural asthma treatments that you might consider if you are looking for ways to avoid using the medications. Many of these natural treatments include garlic, turmeric, mustard oil, and ginger. Treating asthma with steroids and other medications can cause unwanted side effects of excessive weight gain and other things. Natural treatments are designed to eliminate the need for medication and help you overcome the problems with asthma.

It is very common for people to have problems with asthma medications. The problem is that they need the medication or some type of treatment to stay alive if their asthma is too bad but the side effects of the medications may make life miserable. Here are a few natural treatments that you can use to treat your asthma so you do not have to take as much or anymore medication.

Garlic is a natural treatment in the body for many different things. Garlic is used for asthma. When you use garlic to treat asthma you will boil it with milk and then drink it upon the first signs of an asthma attack. This does mean that you would have to store the boiled milk and garlic in a container. Obviously, if you feel an attack occurring you will not have time to pull out a pot and begin boiling milk and garlic. This is one of the asthma natural treatments that is considered to be effective for treating the symptoms associated and can relieve the inflammation.

Turmeric is another herb that is used to treat the onset of an attack if you are asthmatic. This is one of the asthma natural treatments that is considered to be very valuable. The best way to be sure that turmeric is the most effective is to mix one teaspoon with a glass of milk. You should drink this two times a day and it will help prevent asthma attacks from occurring.

Mustard oil is another one of the herbal natural treatments for asthma. You do not drink the mustard oil as you do turmeric or garlic but instead you use this as massage oil into the chest of the person that suffers with chronic asthma. The mustard oil will work when inhaled to keep the air passages open and clear. It also works to loosen congestion build up in the chest cavity.

Ginger is a natural herbal treatment for asthma also. All you do with ginger is make some tea. Add crushed garlic to the ginger tea and drink this twice a day. This is extremely effective in relieving the symptoms and maintaining total control over them also.

There are many asthma natural treatments you might consider if you are having problems with the medication prescribed by the doctor or you are just not comfortable with prescriptions. The cost may even be causing problems for you too. Many of the herbal treatments that you can try include making drinks with garlic, turmeric, and ginger. You can even massage mustard oil into your chest to relieve the symptoms.

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