Melbourne is fast proving itself as the chic capital of Australia. A trek down trendy Collins Street will prove just that, as travellers and locals alike enjoy cosmopolitan coffee destinations, upmarket shopping precincts and more beauty salons than you can count!

If you find yourself in Melbourne and wanting to quickly freshen up for a special event, do not despair. The burgeoning city is practically bursting at the seams with beauty salons dedicated to beautifying its clients from head to toe.

The capital of Victoria is also renowned for the popularity of hair removal and personal grooming services for its locals and their visiting counterparts. If you find yourself hairy and unruly in Melbourne – you are in luck! The numerous beauty salons in Melbourne CBD and surrounds offer a range of hair removal treatments to suit most of the beauty-conscious. Clients can chose from several hair removal options including waxing and laser hair removal.

Those who wish to shave, tweeze or use a depilatory cream can do so in the comfort of their Melbourne home or hotel, by purchasing the necessary equipment from local supermarkets, chemists and some beauty outlets. Those who wish to have pesky hair removal taken care of by specialist staff can opt for an in-salon wax or laser hair removal treatment.

Melbourne Waxing This method of semi-permanent hair removal is perfect for large areas of hair. Pretty much any part of the body can be waxed, although the sensation of waxing may take some getting used to! Generally, people opt to have their eyebrows, bikini line, legs, arms, back and chest waxed, with both men and women using the treatment as an effective method of hair removal.

Melbourne beauty salons use either strip wax methods or hard wax methods of hair removal. Strip wax means wax is applied to a small area of hair and covered with a cloth strip. After drying, the strip is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, leaving a smooth patch of skin behind. Hard wax is applied directly to the skin, and is much thicker in consistency to the wax used to strip wax. It is then left to dry and removed by the therapist without the need to apply a cloth.

Laser Hair Removal Always up to date on the latest beauty trends, Melbourne beauty salons are picking up on the trend of laser hair removal. This process has only been around since the 1990s, and has taken off in and around Melbourne within the past five years especially.

The beauty therapist places a laser light above the hair follicle being targeted and the light is absorbed by the hair. Laser hair removal works best with coarse, dark hair, as it is easier for the therapist to locate the follicle. The laser light is absorbed into the follicle and regrowth of the hair is then retarded.

It does, however, take several sessions for laser hair removal to effectively remove all hair from a selected area. Smaller areas, such as the lips, bikini line and eyebrows usually work best. Those who opt for Laser Hair Removal usually return for repeat treatments 4 to 8 weeks apart for 5 to 10 visits.

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