There is no way around it: in order to lose pounds with HCG, diet and exercise as well as cutting calories are part of the drill. The good news is that:

(A) you don’t have to feel hungry and deprived all the time, and

(B) you don’t have to exercise until you are exhausted and out of breath.

In fact, strenuous exercise should be avoided while you are on the HCG diet.

Working With Nature

Consider how humans lived before the advent of agriculture. As hunter-gatherers, we were fairly active – but periods of truly strenuous physical activity was an occasional thing. The only times we would be running hard would be when we were chasing game or fleeing a predator. Most exercise consisted of simple walking or daily chores for a few hours out of the day.

Another thing to remember about living in a “state of nature” (which is to say, without the benefits of agriculture, dependent on hunting, fishing and foraging) is that food supplies can be very unreliable at times. Storing fat is really a survival mechanism that evolved to keep us alive during periods of famine.

Now, imagine that you are driving along in your automobile, the fuel gauge is on “E” and the nearest gas station is fifty miles away.

What should you do?

The best course of action is naturally to ease way up on the gas pedal, slow down and attempt to coast as much as possible using the least amount of throttle.

In this scenario, the car is your body and you as the driver are the hypothalamus gland, controlling its speed and the rate at which it consumes fuel. You now understand how our own bodies respond when there is a shortage of food. The hypothalamus gland in the brain is in the driver’s seat and cuts back on the throttle in order to conserve fuel and keep the body going.

Because survival is Nature’s only imperative, our bodies have evolved to hold on to those life-preserving fat cells at all costs. When it is necessary to engage in vigorous, strenuous exercise, the hypothalamus will direct cells to start feeding on muscle tissue in order to save energy stored in fat cells.

The HCG Difference

While studying actual cases of deprivation and obesity among Indian patients in the 1950s, a British doctor noticed that low doses of HCG resulted in fat being consumed instead of lean tissue. This is the basis of the HCG diet. While you cut your calories, HCG virtually “reprograms” the hypothalamus to burn fat in order to supply you with the calories necessary to survive, resulting in natural and effortless weight loss.

At, you can find out much more about HCG and how diet and exercise play a part.

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