The popularity of HCG dieting was obtained quickly. This extremely quick rise in popularity was due to the fact that its weight loss averages are some of the highest in the industry. On average HCG dieters lose 1 to 2 pounds per day. This is similar to the result that are available through invasive surgical methods.

The HCG diet isn’t a sure thing. There are HCG diet dangers that can cause a ruckus for the most dedicated dieter. These HCG diet dangers must be avoided at all costs if dieters want to reach their maximum weight loss potential.  

Listing the HCG Diet Dangers:

1. Not adhering to exact measurements: Exact portions are a requirement on the HCG diet. Dieters have to measure everything in order to keep track of exactly how much they are eating. Since sticking to the 500 calorie per day limit is very important dieters have to actually measure their pre-cooked meat and actually measure exactly how much vegetables and fruit they are serving themselves.

2. Making exceptions to the rules: when dieting there are a lot of programs that allow exceptions. Point based systems might have freebie items. Calorie counting programs might have freebie days. There are different types of exceptions. But when it comes to HCG dieting…there are no exceptions. Don’t make any.

3. Going past the line: It’s easy to take things too far and cross over the invisible line between HCG dieting and starving your body with so little calories it’s like you are not eating at all. Less isn’t always more.

4. Incorporating Exercise: Dieters also have to be careful not to try to burn more calories while on the homeopathic HCG diet by instituting an extreme workout program. 500 calories per day is not a lot. 500 calories is not enough to support an exercise regime. Exercising while sticking to a very low calorie diet can make the body kick into starvation mode and ruin the weight loss possibilities.

The simplicity of the HCG diet program is very likeable. Dieters are attracted to the ease of the protocol. It’s easily understood and that’s why so many people like it. They can approach it without fear. They are able to see the pounds drop off quickly and efficiently. They get on the scale each morning and they see the pounds drop off. It’s a very likeable program, indeed.

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