Despite what you may have heard, HCG drops are not a cancer cure, nor even a treatment.  In healthy adults who are following Dr. Simeons’ protocols and the 500-calorie diet. HCG is very effective in helping such individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. HCG has also been used for many years as a fertility treatment.

No ethical dealer of HCG would ever make a claim that HCG can cure cancer. You may have heard such claims, but its critics and detractors generally attribute these to the HCG industry.

This said you may be interested to know that HCG has shown some great potential in assisting pathologists in the diagnosis of cancer – a disease that is often difficult to detect.

HCG And Its Natural Function

HCG (“Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”) is a byproduct of the gestation process. Aside from regulating metabolic processes in both the mother and the baby, its primary function is to protect the health of the fetus. Dr. Simeons, who was an endocrinologist, found that HCG helped prevent the mother’s system from leeching nutrients from fetus when she was undernourished.

In addition, HCG functions as a kind of immuno-suppressant that protects the fetus from the mother’s bodily defenses. Otherwise, the mother’s antibodies might actually attack the fetus as if it were a “foreign” pathogen (or a transplanted organ, which is actually a more accurate metaphor). This immuno-suppressant function is why HCG may be effective in diagnosing cancer.

HCG as a Pathology Tool

Although untreated cancer will invariably kill the patient, in an ironic sense, cancer cells are virtually immortal. Cancer is in essence a collection of cells that refuse to die off normally (think of it as “urban sprawl” in the body). Cancer itself does not kill the patient. It interferes with the normal functioning of organs.

Cancer is not only difficult to treat (mainly because it is not a “foreign” pathogen like a virus or bacteria), it can be very difficult to diagnose. One of the many reasons for this is that cancer symptoms can mimic those of many other disorders. This is why many kinds of cancer are not diagnosed until they have reached an advanced stage.

Oncology researchers have discovered that that cancer cells secrete small amounts of HCG. .Current theories suggest that HCG serves as an “immuno-suppressant “for these malignant cells, preventing antibodies from attacking them.  As such, they can be effective as a “marker,” revealing the existence of a tumor.

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