Curious about the HCG diet program, but confused by the options for obtaining HCG? Are HCG injections more effective than oral HCG? Which option is safer, or less expensive? Before you make a choice, take a few moments to get more in-depth information about HCG and the different options available to you.

What are HCG Injections? What are oral HCG drops?

HCG injections are shots that you give yourself in your muscle tissue several times a day. This method of HCG delivery was adapted by Dr. Simeons as part of his original diet protocol. At the time, this was the most effective means of restoring HCG levels in the body.

Oral HCG, also known as sublingual HCG drops, is a homeopathic remedy. In this method, HCG is taken through a deliberate dilution process until the most potent form remains. These drops are then placed under the tongue using an oral syringe several times a day.

Which method is safer?

Both methods of obtaining HCG are safe as long as they are purchased through a reputable source. However, HCG injections are more difficult to obtain: they must be procured from a doctor’s prescription or obtained from an overseas pharmacy. HCG oral drops are available without a prescription from manufacturers based in America.

Which method is cheaper?

Oral HCG is definitely the winner here. Because HCG shots must be obtained either through a prescription or else shipped from overseas, they are costly and time-consuming to obtain. On the other hand, HCG drops are available locally and without a prescription. A single ounce of the homeopathic remedy will last for 2 weeks.

Which method is most effective?

Good news for the needle-shy: the homeopathic remedy has been proven just as effective as HCG injections. In fact, a study of dieters who switched from HCG shots to oral HCG found just as much weight loss, higher energy levels, and less hunger between meals than when the dieters were taking injections. Part of this may also be because dieters are more compliant with the homeopathic drops than the injections: they are cheaper, easier to get, and virtually pain-free to take.

If you are ready to start the HCG diet program, decide which method would work best for you. Fortunately for us, there is an alternative method available if injections are simply too costly or painful to endure. This means there is absolutely no reason for you to fail with the HCG diet plan–and no reason not to start today.

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