HGC Diet: What is hCG?
First of all, it is really the hCG weight reduction plan and hCG is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Hcg is a hormone that is manufactured by the cells in the placenta. It assists in the development of progesterone and it also aids production of gonads in the developing fetus. But none of these outcomes help us know how the hCG hormone can help you to thin down?

HGC Diet: How does the hCG weight reduction plan help you shed unwated fat?
It so happens hCG also influences the hypothalamus to induce the fat cells in your body to either accumulate fat or unleash fat to be metabolized for energy.  So if you ingest the hormone hCG and eat a reduced calorie diet at the same time, your body can burn 2000 to 2500 calories of your lard a day.  In fact, you will eat a 500 calorie a day diet while taking this hormone.  Normally that mich of a reduced calorie diet would be very harmful to your body, but because of the hCG hormone, your body makes up the calorie insufficiency by burning available fat stored in your cells.  The results are the sensational, rapid, weight loss of pure body lard.

HGC Diet: But is it healthy?
The hCG hormone is a native hormone made by the human body and the levels of hCG that you will have in your system during the hCG weight reduction plan will be much less than those found in a pregnant woman.  The calorie deficiency you will experience due to the exceptionally reduced calorie diet will be made up by your body’s fat that is stored in your cells. Under normal circumstances your cells would not readily give up that fat, but due to the influence of hCG on the hypothalamus the cells quickly and easily allow your blubber to be consumed. If the hCG weight reduction plan is followed exactly, it should be as sound as any weight reduction plan out there and safer than some that are now practiced.

HGC Diet: But what about all of the stuff on the web exhorting about the risks of hCG dieting. 
Those who write these dire warnings have probably never been on this weight reduction plan, I have and I lost a lot of flab on it.  In fact, I have been on the hCG weight reduction plan twice, as has my brother-in-law and sister.  All with great success and no noticeable negative after effects.  Since the FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss, some health professionals will not recommend it based on that fact alone.  Writers who talk about organ damage and the like are reacting to the 500 calorie diet as if that is all that is involved in the hCG weight reduction plan and they are not really understanding the fact that the calorie lack is made up by metabolizing flab and the body organs survive just fine and in fact benefit from the reduction of excess blubber.

HGC Diet: But does it work.
The answer is an categorical YES!  And there are several reasons why.  The most important ones are the fact that the body burns so much lard during this weight reduction plan that it eclipses most other plans.  Besides this, you can’t cheat on this weight reduction plan or you will pay.  Remember the cells are open for blubber business either way.  They will accumulate flab just as swift as they will expel it when they are under the influence of hCG.  Since you can’t cheat, you reduce double-time.  The figures of 1 – 3 pounds a day are reasonable, especially if you follow the program meticulously: to the letter.

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