The HCG diet program is a fast and safe way to lose weight. On the diet program it is possible to lose up to two pounds a day for as long as you are following the diet and taking the HCG doses. Some people are skeptical of the HCG diet program, but once you know how it works then you can be sure that weight loss is possible on the diet.

First of all, HCG is a natural hormone that is found in the human body. It is made in large numbers by pregnant woman to help protect their unborn baby. In fact, when a pregnancy test is taken, HCG is what is tested for. Some HCG doses are made synthetically in labs and some are actually taken from the urine of pregnant women.

The way that the doses of the HCG work on the body is that it triggers the hypothalamus gland to start using excess fat reserves in the body as energy. With exercise and diet alone, it can take a person to exercise for over an hour before they reach this fat burning zone. The HCG also works to naturally restore balance in the body and raise a person’s metabolism. With the HCG diet program, a person will lose fat but will not lose any muscle since the HCG only triggers the use of fat cells in the body.

To lose weight on the HCG diet program one must simply follow the protocol that was set forth by Dr. Simeons. A short synopsis of this protocol involves eating 500 calories a day of certain foods that are listed in the protocol. Also, these foods must be organic as the diet aims to detoxify the body, which is why the person is overweight to begin with. The 500 calories a day is only followed in the main diet phase or Phase 2 of the program. This is done in conjunction with regular doses of HCG via oral drops or injections into the body. The program lays out how much of the HCG should be injected or taken at once and on what type of schedule.

Even the HCG diet program may appear to be a starvation diet, it is far from it. There is no way that a person could lose a pound a day on a starvation diet. The body is using so many calories from the stored fat reserves that it does not need any more than 500 calories. If more than the allotted 500 calories are eaten, it may be possible to not lose any weight or to actually gain weight.

Follow the HCG diet program exactly as it is defined in the protocol and it is possible to finally lose the weight in a quick and safe manner.

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