Revised HCG Diet Protocol Inches and Pounds:

  1. 800 calories daily
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Effectively is an LCD (low calorie diet); is safer than the original
  4. More selection of green vegetables
  5. HCG is infused with B12
  6. Multi-vitamin/minerals highly suggested
  7. Take all medications prescribed by patients own MD
  8. Medication absorbs equally as effective via Sub Q and less painful
  9. Patients can self administer via Sub Q method
  10. HCG available in sublingual form
  11. Detailed HCG Diet Book that is an exceptional educational tool
  12. Cookbook with HCG Diet recipes for Phase 2 meals with shopping list
  13. Products in our program are easy to find in stores

Original Dr. Simeons Protocol:

  1. 500-550 calories daily
  2. No breakfast, only tea
  3. Effectively a VLCD (very low calorie diet) mandating closer supervision
  4. Limited on vegetable intake
  5. No B12
  6. No vitamins except calcium
  7. Prefers to stop all medications unless directed by physician
  8. Dr. Simeons gave his patients only IM (intramuscular) injections that were sometimes painful
  9. Patients had to see Dr. Simeons everyday for injections
  10. No sublingual form
  11. Some have difficulty understanding the pamphlet “Pounds and Inches” written 50 years ago, content of pamphlet may be confusing to most
  12. Very limited list of food to prepare
  13. Some products are difficult to find at stores

The most significant revision which has been the center of controversy for decades among physicians and critics is the 500 calorie daily allowance. The new protocol suggests that 800 calories daily combined with 30 minutes of low impact exercise, nutritional supplements such as a multi-vitamin/mineral and the hcg medication may show similar weight loss results and may be tolerated more effectively by most patients.  Additionally, increasing the calorie standard from VLCD (very low calorie diet) to an LCD (low calorie diet) may encourage more physicians to incorporate this diet method in their practices. The physicians wrote a comprehensive e-Book, approximately 80 pages that includes an educational PowerPoint explaining how HCG is used for the purpose of weight loss off label and the proposed science behind this method.  I recommend downloading this exceptional educational resource now before it is sold on bookstore shelves.  The free e-book can be found and downloaded at,  The title is the “The Truth about the HCG Diet” Please read this book before you start HCG Therapy.

Get Educated!

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