Tendonitis is a common illness which causes severe and constant pain in some particular part of the body. The name is derived from a flexible tissue, known as tendon that connects muscle to bone. Now you can imagine how severe the tendonitis pain could be.

Doctors normally recommend diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids to tendonitis patients. This is because deficiency of fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, has been found to be connected with the tendonitis condition. Tendonitis and omega 3 oils are therefore very much related to each other. Let's find out more information on this and how to overcome tendonitis by consuming omega 3 oils daily.

It is a widely known fact that omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation throughout the body. In tendonitis, this is exactly what happens – due to the swelling of tendons, the act of pulling the muscle to lift your arm or do some other job becomes highly painful. In common terms you can also call tendonitis as inflammation of the tendon. This could happen anywhere in the body where the tendon tissue has lost its elasticity due to deficiency of nutrients or age factor.

Tendonitis omega 3 oils are not only used to overcome tendonitis, but also other similar conditions like pain of the joints, sinusitis, and bursitis. Since omega 3 oils obtained from animal and plant sources are rich in fatty acids, they can be used in the treatment of tendonitis.

Tendonitis omega 3 oils are easily available from any pharmaceutical store. They are specially manufactured for the treatment of tendonitis and therefore include just the right concentrations of DHA, EPA and other important substances. Tendonitis omega 3 oils can be consumed directly or by mixing them with other substances. Usually it's not that difficult to drink a teaspoon full after or before every meal. You can discuss it with your doctor and he / she will be able to prescribe the right dosage you need.

In order to buy high-quality tendonitis omega 3 oils, you need to check whether they have been made from pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Other than this you also need to see that it's pure from any fish oil impurities like mercury. The Hoki fish from New Zealand is considered to be the best among safe fish. These fish live in clean, free of pollution cold waters and therefore ideal to make fish oil supplements.

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